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About Us

A & J Apparel (pvt) Ltd. was established in Karachi in 1993, to cater the ‘knit wear’ export market. In a short span, using its winning strategies, the Company made remarkable progress. Such growth and development can be attributed to many factors, amongst them, a solid financial background, a reputation of excellence in quality and reliability of deliveries, and a dynamic and an outstanding management system. Our endeavor is to produce and supply excellent quality apparel at affordable prices.

Today A&J with its competencies of management, production and state of the art equipment is ready to compete for any challenges. We strongly believe that with our experience, technical support and passion, we can provide our customers with premium quality products at competitive prices.

Company Philosophy

At A&J customers are considered as business partners with the belief that the Company’s existence and growth is critically dependent on developing long term, growth oriented relationship. We have strong commitments for our customers that make a difference to our mutual business.

Our primary goal has always been to exceed customer expectations by continuously developing, maintaining and enhancing our business relationships with all our suppliers and buyers.