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Quality Assurance

A & J strictly maintains quality standard of its products. It has imposed upon itself rigid norms to provide the clients with highest quality products. Exquisite quality, fine finish and reliable packaging are the regular passwords for delivery to our customers. The quality of apparel stitched in our factory is better than what is stitched in China, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Hong Kong.

The company adopts following procedure for in house quality control.

  1. 100% inspection of Greige Goods.
  2. Visual quality inspection and shrinkage control test of 100% fabric before cutting.
  3. Quality audit during cutting by quality inspectors.
  4. Comprehensive numbering system of 100% goods for identification and traceability.
  5. In-line inspection by highly trained quality inspectors during stitching.
  6. Full inspection of 100% garments after stitching.
  7. Extensive final quality inspection of 100% garments before packing.
  8. Final audit by Quality Auditors as per AQL 2.5%