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Work Force

At A&J the most important resource is people, the foundation on which any successful business is based. We are very much aware that a successful business venture depends largely on the teamwork of a dedicated and efficient workforce.

The Company considers its manpower as a vital asset to maximize value to customers. They play a vital role in all functions of the Company. Everyone works in an atmosphere that is most congenial and conductive to high quality output.

Training Facilities

Management development is a critical area of business and the Company is continuously looking for individuals who can sustain and raise the standards. Comprehensive training programmes and courses are organized for the workers. Both officers and workers attend the courses to keep themselves abreast of latest know-how, necessary for a progressive and expanding concern in a highly competitive industry.

Social Responsibility

As a responsible manufacturer, we are aware of our social responsibilities. Its policies and procedures ensure social compliance, specifically related to child labor, forced labor, discrimination, occupational health and safety, and environment. A&J is a WRAP certified Company.

Buyer Feedback

We can quickly adapt to the change of buyer’s requirements because we deal directly with our customers. We consider buyers to be valuable partners as they are out best source of information on what end consumers want and the upcoming trends. This is why we encourage them to regularly share with us their ideas or suggestions and feedback.

Future Outlook

A&J is well prepared to maintain its world wide reputation. It is well equipped for adaptability to any design or fashion trend in the field and it is fully capable to acquire latest technology or system to make improvements according to the needs.